Currently, the following technologies are being developed within the Dilmanc project:

Translation system

Dilmanc translation system which translates on Azerbaijani-English, English-Azerbaijani and Turkish-Azerbaijani directions is the first product of the project and has been downloaded more than 750,000 times.

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Speech recognition

Dilmanc Automatic Speech Recognition System is first such system for Azerbaijani language and enables to enter the text via dictating to microphone. Input speed is 3-4 times faster than typing in a keyboard.

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Dilmanc has developed first Text-to-Speech system for Azerbaijani language, the system which reads input texts with human voice. In future this system will be adopted for mobile platforms, and also will be integrated to Speech-to-Speech translation system by Dilmanc

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Phone translator

Phone-translator system will translate phone conversations real-time, between Azerbaijani and other languages.

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Online dictionary

Dilmanc Online Dictionary provides translation from several languages into/from Azerbaijani language. Distinct feature of Dictionary is that system automatically finds root of word, thus enabling user enter any word-form. This is specially important feature for users who are not familiar with foreign language, as this is hard for them to find root of given word-form. Another interesting feature is providing the usage examples in sentences of given word and their translation. These sentences were crawled from web automatically

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Frequency Dictionary of Azerbaijani language

The compiling of Frequency Dictionary of Azerbaijani language has been started under the leadership of academician Abbasov within the Dilmanc project. The text-corpus which consists of more than 12 million word-forms and the special software which allows statistical researches in this corpus has been developed. Researches will allow to determine the most used words and suffixes in modern Azerbaijani language. The results will be used in the development of the linguistic technologies for Azerbaijani language such as machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-spech system etc. Works are continued.

Reverse Alphabetical Dictionary

This dictionary has been compiled on the basis of the latest version of the spelling dictionary of Azerbaijani language. This dictionary differs from other dictionaries: Words are sorted alphabetically not from beginning, but from end. Thus the words with the same endings are located in the same group in reverse dictionary.

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