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Dilmanc is a government project which aims to develop next-generation technologies for Azerbaijani and Turkic languages, which include language technologies, information retrieval, machine learning and etc.
The project's first product - Dilmanc translation system has been downloaded more than 750,000 times, and now project team is working on the development of innovative software which will change the way people interact with computer - speech recognition, text-to-speech, translation systems between different languages, intellectual search algorithms, interfaces for mobile devices and etc.

Research directions

  • Speech recognition
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Machine translation
  • Automatic speech to speech translation
  • Search algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Distributed systems
  • Automatic question-answering
  • Information retrieval

The history of the project

The problem of possibility of automation of translation process from Azerbaijani into other languages and vice versa, were raised by academician Ali Abbasov at the beginning of 2003 and under his leadership were started the researches on creation of machine translation system. During this period, the specific modeling method which allows to automatize translation process from Azerbaijani to other languages and vice versa has been created. So creation of the Azerbaijan-English machine translation system has been started on the basis of this method. As the logical continuation of these works The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic started the establishment of the project.

Achievements of the project

The project has achieved significant practical results on the directions of scientific researches and currently, works on improving their quality are continued. The technologies that have been developed for Azerbaijani language are the following:

  • Translation system on the directions of the Azerbaijani-English, English-Azerbaijani and Turkish-Azerbaijani was developed and released
  • Translation system on the directions of Azerbaijani-Russian and Russian-Azerbaijani were developed and released
  • Speech recognition system for Azerbaijani language has been developed and works on improving quality of the system are continued
  • Text-to-speech system for Azerbaijani language was developed and released
  • Works on improving quality of Phone-translator are continued

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Dilmanc project has gained many achievements and all of these significant achievements have been introduced in scientific conferences and published in prestigious scientific journals.
Also European Association for Machine Translation has included Dilmanc project in the list of European research groups. go
The scientific articles of the members of Dilmanc project has been included in the electronic library of IEEE organization, mt-archive.info and other libraries.

The director of the project A.Fatullayev has been awarded the honorary title of "Honored Engineer" by president I. Aliyev. link

The biography of the project member Rauf Fatullayev has been included in "Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering". link

The technologies developed within the project has been successfully presented in many international exhibitions. These technologies were presented to many influential government officials, representatives of international organizations, company leaders and other guests in the exhibitions as ITU Telecom World (Switzerland), CeBIT (Germany), CeBIT Bilishim (Turkey), Svyaz Ekspokomm (Russia), Bakutel (Baku). There has been Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mrs. Aliyeva, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Chairman of the International Telecommunication Union Hamadun Ture and others between these persons.


Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic

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