Dilmanc project presented new products at BakuTel 2012

Dilmanc project has presented a lot of new products this year at BakuTel 2012 exhibition. The speech recognition system for Azerbaijani language which was presented at the exhibition enables to enter the text via dictating to microphone. Instead of typing with a keyboard it is possible to convert speech into text via this system. Input speed of the program is 3-4 times faster than typing in a keyboard and the program also allows disabled people who have difficulty in typing with a keyboard or people with visual disabilities to input a text via dictating. Currently the system is able to recognize , more than 160 thousand word-forms and the quality of the system is over 91%. The system will be released at the end of 2012.

Another new product presented at the exhibition is the Text-to-Speech system for Azerbaijani language which reads input texts with human voice. This program enables users to input text in Azerbaijani language and listen to synthesized speech. The system was released at the official site of the project (http://tts.dilmanc.az) and currently is very popular among users.

Dilmanc online dictionary which translates on the directions of Russian-Azerbaijani and English-Azerbaijani and vice versa also was relased this year whitin the project. The main difference of this dictionary is that it is possible to enter any word-form and in this case, the root of the word is found automatically. This feature is very important for that people who don't know foreign language and users who have difficulty in finding the root of the words. It is also possible to see usage examples of words with their translations. Dictionary can be accessed at http://dict.dilmanc.az

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