Automatic Translation of Blogs (Integration of Google Translate Service in WordPress)

Multilingual content on websites is always appreciated by visitors because it breaks down the communication barriers. By providing content in multiple languages, a certain website will have more visitors that will return due to the fact that they enjoyed a pleasant browsing experience.
The translation services available on the Internet are both commercial and free and can be easily integrated in any type of website. The most used free translation service is Google Translate because it provides the opportunity to translate text between over twenty language pairs. It uses an advanced translation technique - the statistical machine translation.
If you own a WordPress blog, its content can be provided to your visitors in multiple languages based on Google Translate service. There are many options that allow you to add the automatic translation feature to the blog text content. The simplest one (available also for any type of website) is to add a Google gadget to the sidebar, post or pages contained in the blog.
On the Google Translate Tools page you will have to select the language of the WordPress blog (website) and then copy and paste the generated code into a text widget from a sidebar. For example, in case of WordPress version 2.5.1, from the Dashboard, select Design, Widgets, add Text, edit and then Paste. The widget should be placed on the top of the sidebar in order to facilitate a convenient and rapid access to the Google Translate gadget for the website visitors.
Another alternative to add the Google Translate service to a WordPress blog is installing certain plug-ins. The Global Translator plug-in provides the possibility to use four free translation services: Google Translate, Babel Fish, Promt and FreeTranslations. It also has various useful features like SEO (search engine optimization) rule compliance, a page caching mechanism and others.
In order to obtain optimal translation results with the maximum accuracy using Google Translate, as well as any other online translation service, the text content must be clearly formulated. After implementing multi language support for your website content, chances are that you'll notice an increase in traffic and as a consequence an improvement in terms of website popularity.