Dilmanc Dictate

Stop typing! Dictate the text to your phone, Dilmanc Imla will automatically convert speech to text and type it to PC. Dilmanc Imla enables you to use your smartphone as a microphone. After pairing smartphone and PC, speech dictated through smartphone is converted to text and typed to text editor, saving your time.


Minimum system requirements:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, 512 kb/s
Download count:5291

Setup instructions

1. Download and install Dilmanc Imla software to your Windows PC from http://dilmanc.az/dilmanc-imla. Launch the program and you will be given Pairing ID.

2. Install to your smartphone (Android or iOS) app named Dilmanc Imla and launch it.

3. Enter Pairing ID shown on Windows PC app to mobile app.

4. After successful pairing, dictation mode activates. Tap on screen and speak to smartphone, recognized text will be written to PC. Don't forget to place cursor to text editor like Microsoft Word.


1. Mobile phone and PC must be connected to internet.

2. When speaking, hold mobile phone close to your mouth.

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