Dilmanc D01 mini computer voice

This computer has the same features as ordinary computers. This computer supports Windows operating system and different programs. The main difference of this mini-computer is that it has no keyboard and monitor. Computer program which was built in TTS system, reads other masseges for the users. Device was also supplied with speech recognition system and recognizes and performs user commands.

Main Features

To control with voice commands
Use e-mail, internet, music, radio, e-books with voice commands
Portable because of small size
Can be put away and use via bluetooh microphone
Connection to the internet with 3G and Wi-Fi
Can be used as an ordinary computer when connected monitor and keyboard

Prosessor: Intel Atom Z515 1.2 Ghz
RAM:DDR2-800 MHhz 1 Gb
Hard Disc: 16 Gb SSD
WiFi, 3G
USB2, Mini USB, Micro SD reader
Dimensions: 178 x 85 x 26.5

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